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The first attempt was a one-hour pilot for a new series that was made in 1996 but never aired, although a few clips were found years later and are available online. Cannell, it was intended to star Gary Busey and Russell Wong as the new Five-0 team.

Original cast member James Mac Arthur briefly returned as Dan Williams, this time as governor of Hawaii, with cameos made by other former Five-O regulars.

Another attempt was made to turn the project into a film by Warner Bros. On August 12, 2008, CBS announced that it would bring Hawaii Five-O back to the network schedule for the 2009–10 television season.

The new version would be an updated present-day sequel, this time centering on Steve Mc Garrett, who succeeds his late father Steve (Jack Lord's character in the original series) as the head of the unit.

On May 17, 2010, the Hawaii Five-O remake was picked up by CBS, which scheduled it for Monday nights in the 10–11 p.m. Exteriors representing Five-0 headquarters in the series are located at the Judiciary History Center of the Supreme Court Building in Honolulu, directly across the street from Iolani Palace, which represented Five-O headquarters in the original series.

On October 21, 2010, CBS announced that the first season had been given a full season order of 24 episodes.

Of note, several recurring roles have been filled by surviving members of the original cast. Ben Kokua in the original series, now plays a friend of Mc Garrett's, Mamo Kahike.

Dennis Chun, who had various guest roles in the original series and is the son of Kam Fong Chun (the actor that portrayed the original Chin Ho), has a recurring role as HPD Sgt. Since the show began in 2010 Michelle Borth had a recurring role where she appeared as on and off Steve Mc Garrett's girlfriend, Lt. On March 26, 2012, CBS announced that Borth would become a cast regular on Hawaii Five-0 for season 3.

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The idea to bring Hawaii Five-O back to television had been under consideration well before the 2010 version was announced.

Once production began fans were also able to vote for props, cast wardrobe, music, and the episode title.

the son of ex-cop John Mc Garrett (portrayed by William Sadler).

Bernero, who was a fan of the original, and had a ring tone of the series' theme song on his cell phone, had always wanted to bring the series back to TV. In October 2009, it was announced that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had signed on to script a pilot episode, and that Peter M. Kurtzman and Orci decided to reboot the original concept similar to their work on the 2009 Star Trek film, rather than a sequel to the original series.

Production on the pilot was shot in and around Honolulu from February to April 2010.

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