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Some of our volunteers refuse compensation and we usually reward them in Mass stipends. As we described it to her we wanted the tiara to crown our efforts.

We have been called “neo-ultramontanists” and we proudly wear such a label.

Her background in journalism and love of her Catholic faith discovered a cozy nesting place at True Restoration.Stephen Heiner (Founder): Stephen is the majority owner.He came to the knowledge of the integral Catholic faith at 17 and brought his entire family to it. Nicholas Wansbutter (Co-Founder): Nicholas co-founded Restoration Radio with Stephen in 2012, and before that, inspired Stephen’s entry into the blogosphere with his own (now defunct) blog Traditio in Radice.Over the years in various private correspondence we have answered these questions.As a time saver and as an informative document, we have prepared this article. True Restoration (General) In late 2005 Stephen Heiner ran across the now-defunct Traditio in Radice blog co-founded by Nicholas Wansbutter.

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