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Hey, think of the grades you'd have earned in English class if all writing assignments were like this!Don't be self-conscious or worried about your spelling or writing.I'm not going to pass any judgment or tell you what to do or not to do.I only want to say that it happens and you are not immune.As long as you say what you're imagining, you'll do fine.The power of "mmmm" OK, those are the basics; now here's an advanced trick.If you think you will be interrupted, stick with flirting and save the cybersex for another day. It ruins the mood for some women if they have to type "Oh, yes, Baby Whisker Diddy, *gasp*! You could get off by yourself in 10 minutes or less, so why bother with cyber if that's your only goal?Cybersex is as much about the story the two (or three or four or...) of you invent as it is about masturbation.

You can pretend to be a 19-year-old straight woman, a millionaire, a movie star, or all three.

Posted August 15, 2003 Disclaimer: The thoughts and words in the above post are the product of an internet persona and are for entertainment purposes only.

There is no basis in fact, especially regarding feelings about women or the use of chemicals. Gina tells you what to look for before you take your online seduction too far.

(Works both ways -- if she's suddenly screaming "AKL; DQADAJ BLK; JFDAKLJ; DF ; DFKJL; F" at you, you know you're da bomb.) By the way, avoid doing this. But one not-so-obvious warning does apply to cybersex: Be aware of the potential for addiction and emotional trauma.

Writing and sex are among the most intimate connections we can forge, and many real-world relationships have fallen apart because one or both parties fell in love over the Internet. Men also fall hard and vow to leave their families to travel across the country to be with their one true love.

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    Invitation only group combining interests in polyamory and self improvement through life long learning on a wide range of topics. For info or to subscribe send email to [email protected] For polyamorous people in San Luis Obispo County and on the Central Coast of California. This group will be a safe place to dialog with like minds.

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    These include companies checking subscribers against national sex offender registries and providing a rapid abuse reporting system for members.