Error updating time

Depending on the bank that you are connected with, the connection may time out and you’ll need to re-enter your credentials in order to get the connection up and running again.

Some errors may not be resolvable in this way, but in most cases, a manual refresh or two will reestablish the connection.

Updates requiring an appliance reboot or the interruption of services are excluded from the automatic update process unless you check the box to include them.

Bomgar will continue to notify you of the latest builds as they become available.

Occasionally, you may login to the Dashboard page of your Wave account, and notice that your bank connection is failing with an error message.

This can usually be fixed with relative ease by performing a few manual refreshes.

Note that if you chose to decline the EULA, an error message displays and you will not be able to update your Bomgar software.

Once an update has been downloaded, it will no longer appear in your list of available updates.

Should you need to redownload a software update, contact .

However, if your update package contains only additional licenses, you can install the update without interrupting representative connections.

Find current information about the latest Bomgar updates at https://

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