Dating someone with social anxiety

Part of developing empathy for socially anxious people is to recognize that they have their own responses to stress, just as we do.

While most people will accept a “bad hair day” or clothing that may not be wonderfully flattering, those with social anxiety put huge emphasis on physical appearance, convinced that they are being regularly judged by how they look. Give compliments on their physical appearance; tell them that their outfit looks good on them; tell them that the color they are wearing is great; praise any physical feature that you can.

Their brains are relentlessly churning, and that can be exhausting. Rather than criticizing them, suggest a short time out or nap.

Rather than criticize or accuse someone of hypochondria, understand and accept the fact that there is a real physical cause of more frequent illness. Thus, if you are “forcing” a socially anxious person to participate in such activities, you are presenting him/her with an almost “impossible” situation.You do not have to continually remind them of that fact. ”, think of a response that validates what they are feeling right now.“I know what you are feeling; I know that you do not want to feel this way; how can I help?All I’m asking is that you go to this event with me!” Try to stop focusing on your needs and focus on theirs.

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