Dating ex husband and boyfriend

Read details about her present and past relationship and vote below for your favorite match for beautiful Kathryn Bernardo.

At the young age of 20 years old, she has won numerous awards such as the most Awesome Young Actress (2011) and the Most Promising Young Actress (2012).

Past relationships are something most people find difficult to just forget and move on in life. By saying this, today we look back at the broken marital relationship of Elin Nordegren and what she has to say about her past relationship.

Also, if you did not know, she is dating a new boyfriend in her life.

It doesn't mean you want them back, it's just a recent event that happened to pop up in your sleep.

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However, she is most well known for her role as Mara in the television series, “Mara Clara.” Ever since 2010, Kathryn has been on contract as an actress for the ABS-CBN media organization.

He is 22 years old and was matched up with Kathryn in the television drama series “Mara Clara” (2010). However, she moved on from him once the show was over.

Albie Casiño Albie Casiño is another man that Kathryn has been linked to. In the show, he acted as Christian Torralba and won the hearts of many admirers.

Swedish model and also a nanny, Elin Nordegren was previously married to the legendary golfer Tiger Woods who she also had children with.

The marriage did end in 2010 but she finally has broken her silence on her marital relationship with Woods and how it was.

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