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Lonsdaleite occurs naturally in asteroids and cosmic dust and as a result of extraterrestrial impacts on Earth.The analysis of the study has not been confirmed or repeated by other researchers.Rex Daulton's skepticism increased with the revelation of documentation demonstrating misconduct and past criminal conduct (conviction for fraud and misrepresentation of credentials) by the researcher who prepared samples for the proponents of the hypothesis.Radiocarbon dating, microscopy of paleobotanical samples, and analytical pyrolysis of fluvial sediments "[found] no evidence in Arlington Canyon for an extraterrestrial impact or catastrophic impact-induced fire." Iridium, magnetic minerals, microspherules, carbon, and nanodiamonds are all subject to differing interpretations as to their nature and origin, and may be explained in many cases by purely terrestrial or non-catastrophic factors.It is conjectured that this impact event brought about the extinction of many species of North American Pleistocene megafauna.These animals included camels, mammoths, the giant short-faced bear and numerous other species that the proponents suggest died out at this time.

Sorry about this rant I have just been arguing with some frustrating people as of lately.

Arguing with people can be a frustrating experience.

People generally have many deeply held but poorly examined beliefs – theists and atheists alike!

Additional data purported to support the synchronous nature of the black mats was published.

The authors stated that the data required further analysis, and independent analysis of other Clovis sites for verification of this evidence. Kennett reported that the nanodiamonds were evidence for bolide impacts from a rare swarm of carbonaceous chondrites or comets at the start of Younger Dryas, resulting from multiple airbursts and surface impacts.

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